Employee networks

We recognise the value that community and support networks within the workplace can provide. They give direct support to staff through one-to-one and group discussion, events, blogs, and being involved in delivering strategies to improve the employee experience.

Our networks include LGBTQ+, REACH (Race, Equality and Cultural Heritage), Women's Network, Disability and Carers Network, and Wellbeing Champions. All of these networks raise awareness to the organisation and provide ways to help us all understand and respond to differing needs.

We also support UK wide campaigns such as PRIDE, LGBTQ+ History Month, International Women's Day, and Black History Month, Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

Celebrating Success

We host instant recognition, monthly and 'thank you' awards for our staff to show that we appreciate their hard work and commitment to demonstrate our organisational values, behaviours and customer service principles. The nominations are peer-to-peer, and present an opportunity for people to show their appreciation for their colleagues. We believe this helps to boost staff morale, general well-being, as well as organisational pride.

What our people say about us

They tell us that working with colleagues who care about each other, and share the same vision and goals, makes a real difference to their working lives.

We're all about customer service and work hard to do the best we can to help people - often in difficult circumstances.
Working at the Legal Ombudsman has given me the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of cases and work with a brilliant team.



male and two females holding up award certificates


Group of women from a wide range of backgrounds


line of diverse colleagues