If you are a legal service provider and would like to talk to one of our ombudsman about a complaint you have received, you can contact our technical advice desk and we may be able to help you resolve the issue.


We can give general information on how we approach complaints, how we determine service and guidance on how to put things right before a complaint is under investigation.

Get in touch

The Ombudsman is available Monday-Friday and will respond within five working days.

Request a call back

If you want to discuss a matter in more detail, you can request a call back. Simply email us with your contact details and dates/times you are available and we will get back to you.

How it works

One of our commitments is to feed back learning and insight from the complaints we investigate to help Service Providers improve their customer service and complaint handling. As we see a wide range of complaints that share common themes, we use this information to drive improvements in the sector.

The technical advice desk can give general informal information which may help to resolve issues early on. The advice given is based on the information provided in your query and does not represent any formal ombudsman determination of the service you have provided to your customer.

In the event that this office receives a complaint about this issue we may determine that the service provided has been reasonable, it may also be the case that with further information and evidence the ombudsman will determine that the service has not been reasonable. We reserve the right to determine any complaint in accordance with our Scheme Rule 5.36 which states that the ombudsman “will determine a complaint by reference to what is, in his/her opinion, fair and reasonable in all the circumstances of the case”.

Our learning resources page has lots of useful information and guidance.