Our commitment to you

You can expect us to

  • Treat you fairly, with respect and in line with our customer service principles
  • Give you clear timescales
  • Be honest with you
  • Explain our processes and your options clearly
  • Explain our views or decisions clearly
  • Take your views and requests into consideration


We expect you to:

  • Treat us with respect and not verbally abuse or threaten us
  • Fully cooperate with our staff and our process
  • Tell us when you don’t understand something
  • Be honest with us
  • Let us know when you are not able to comply with a request or timescale
  • Tell us how you’d like us to contact you
  • Ask us if you need something about our processor communication to be adjusted because of your circumstances

This ties in with our values and customer service principles.

Our values are:

  • Open
  • Independent
  • Effective
  • Fair

Our customer service principles are:

  • We will always be clear with you
  • We will be understanding and approachable
  • We will make good use of everyone’s time
  • We will be impartial, thorough and base our work on facts
  • We will make a difference

You can find more information about our customer service principles here.

Important things to know about how we handle your information

Visit our Privacy page to find out how we use your personal data.

We take information rights and your privacy very seriously. For further information on Data Protection & Freedom of Information contact the Information Rights & Security Team at infosec@legalombudsman.org.uk.

Please do not send us original documents unless we ask you to. If we do ask you to send us original documents, we will keep them safe and return them to you.