What are the key elements of complaints handling practice?

The LSB requires all service providers to have a first-tier complaints process, but it isn't always enough just to have a complaints process.

In this section we look at the best practice and how to resolve complaints and prevent them having to come to the Legal Ombudsman.

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Best practice complaint handling title page

Best practice complaint handling title page

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Best practice complaint handling

The aim of this guide is to help service providers improve the overall service they provide to their customers. By sharing best practice, we hope to reduce the number of complaints that are escalated to the Legal Ombudsman and improve service standards across the profession.

In this guidance we outline our top tips for best practice complaint handling.



Service providers are required to have a complaints process and signpost to the Legal Ombudsman. This guidance sets out these requirements in detail and provides suggested text.

Responding to challenging situations

This guidance is intended to support service providers when they are responding to challenging

It sets out the areas we would expect you to consider when handling challenging situations.

The Language of Complaints research

This research considers the impact of language both on the Legal Ombudsman's work and those of service providers.

A business case for good complaint handling

This research with Economic Insights considers the business benefits of having a good complaints handling practice.

The full report is available in our research section.

Research into the experience and effectiveness of solicitors first-tier complaints handling processes

Research by London Economics which looks at solicitors first hand experiences of resolving complaints.

The full report is available in our research section.

Our approach to dealing with cybercrime

Cybercrime is now one of the most prevalent types of crime in the UK and because of the amount of money and sensitive information you handle, lawyers are an obvious target.