1. Governance

1. approving the delegation of any of the OLC’s powers to the Chief Ombudsman 1 and approving the Scheme of Delegation;

2. approving the OLC’s rules of procedure 2;

3. approving all proposed revenue and capital expenditure above £148,000 for submission to the Ministry of Justice; and

4. approving the minutes of OLC meetings.

2. Appointments and organisational structure

1. appointing and dismissing committees and sub-committees 3;

2. approving the Terms of Reference of committees and sub-committees 4;

3. approving the appointment or dismissal of the Chief Ombudsman;

4. approving, with the Chief Ombudsman’s consent, the appointment of other ombudsmen to assist in the performance of the OLC’s functions 5;

5. approving the Chief Ombudsman’s recommendation to dismiss an Ombudsman (Level 2 Ombudsman or above);

6. approving significant changes of organisational structure; and

7.appointing, dismissing and approving the remuneration of the internal auditor.

3. Strategy, business plan and budget

1. approving the corporate strategy and strategic objectives; and

2.approving the business plan and annual budget, including any requests to the MoJ and LSB to vary the overall annual budget.

4. Risk management

1.approving the strategy and procedures for the management of risk;

2.approving the strategic Risk Register; and

3.approving the risk appetite for the OLC’s strategic risks.

5. Policy decisions

1. approving policy statements;

2. approving in principle the proposed response to an external consultation;

3. approving decisions in respect of matters subject to legal proceedings; and

4. approving the Scheme Rules (subject to necessary approval from the LSB and Lord Chancellor).

6. Financial and performance reporting arrangements

1. approving Key Performance Indicators and strategic performance measures;

2. oversight of executive management of the Legal Ombudsman;

3. approving Memoranda of Understanding with other bodies;

4. approving the OLC annual report and accounts for presentation to the Lord Chancellor, Comptroller and Auditor General and Legal Services Board, and assuring that itself that it complies with any directions given by the Lord Chancellor 6; and

5. approving committee and sub-committee performance objectives

7. Footnotes

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