Meet the team

At the Legal Ombudsman we have different people to help you through the complaints journey.

General Enquiries Team

Your first point of contact with the Legal Ombudsman. They are the team answering your calls and initial emails and are responsible for checking if you have a complaint we can look at and advising on making an initial complaint to your legal service provider. 

Early Resolution Team

Our team of investigators and ombudsman will work together to review your complaint to ensure that we should be investigating it and if we should, see whether there is an opportunity to resolve your case without the need for formal investigation. If they feel the case can be resolved early, they will talk to you and your service provider to discuss early resolution options and try to agree an outcome that works for both parties.


Our team of investigators are responsible for carrying out the main investigation. They will talk to you and your service provider, look at the evidence and try to agree an outcome that works for both parties. This isn't always possible and when people can't agree, investigators will write a case decision and set out their views. Investigators come from a range of backgrounds and have experience of customer service, complaints handling and negotiation and investigation skills.


Our team of ombudsman will make formal decisions on complaints when our investigators have not been able to agree an outcome. You can meet our ombudsman below. They are all appointed in accordance with the requirements of the Legal Services Act 2007.

You can also learn more about the members of our ombudsman team, executive team and our board (the Office for Legal Complaints) below.

Learning and Insight

Our role is also to share learning and insight about our work both for legal service providers and for those who use their services. The External Affairs team is responsible for this, working closely with those who have the day to day experience of resolving disputes. Find out more about this work here.

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