Service provider advice line

New service provider advice line

The coronavirus pandemic means that we can’t get out and about to speak to service providers.

We value the training and feedback opportunities that we are able to provide you and are seeking new and innovative ways to continue this practice.

During March we are piloting an advice line to support with any queries you may have.  You may have a query around your complaints process, first tier complaint handling or you may want to understand more about our processes and how to comply. Previously we have been able to assist service providers who were unsure whether or not a complaint would fall within our jurisdiction. We were also able to help a service provider to better understand why their complaints procedure did not allow sufficient time for a complaint to be addressed before it came to us. In addition to this, more recently we have been asked for advice about the impact of covid-19 restrictions on complaint handling. You may need similar advice, or maybe there is something else we can help with.

To get advice, email with a summary of your query and your contact details and one of our ombudsmen will contact you to discuss. We’ll aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

Important notice: We have set up this advice line to serve as additional support and guidance for service providers to use to improve their complaints handling service. Please note we can't provide advice on ongoing complaints that are with the Legal Ombudsman and any advice given does not guarantee a particular outcome if a complaint comes to the Legal Ombudsman.