Senior Management and Board recruitment

Press release

07 July 2020

Senior Management and Board recruitment

The Office for Legal Complaints has begun recruitment this week for the following posts:

-Chief Ombudsman

-Chief Operating Officer

-Non-executive Director

Last month Rebecca Marsh, Chief Ombudsman,confirmed that she would be taking up the position of Property Ombudsman from October 2020.

Following this we are now recruiting for the role of Chief Ombudsman. A new role of Chief Operating Officer is also being recruited as part of the Senior Management review which the chair Elisabeth Davies spoke about recently in our newsletter.

One of the key priorities of the recruitment is to develop the Legal Ombudsman’s senior leadership andstrengthen operational capacity and capability. The Chief Operating Officer willfocus on operational delivery, and it is intended that the Chief Ombudsman will ensure a strong external focus including feedback to the sector.

Recruitment is also taking place for a new Non-executive Director following the decision of Shrinivas Honap to step down in order to focus on his other commitments.

Further details of the recruitment are available here:

  • Gatenby Sanderson – Chief Operating Officer
  • Gatenby Sanderson – Chief Ombudsman
  • The Guardian - Chief Operating Officer
  • The Times - Chief Ombudsman: and
  • OLC Non-executive Director


Notes to Editors:

1. The Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales was set up by the Office for Legal Complaints (our board) under the Legal Services Act 2007 and is an independent and impartial scheme to help resolve legal service disputes. When it receives complaints, it examines the facts in each case and weighs up both sides of the story. The Ombudsman is not a consumer champion or part of the legal profession and is also independent of Government.

For further information contact our External Affairs Team Leader Alex Moore by calling 0121 245 3087/ 07881 414577 or emailing