LeO welcomes LSB's framework for achieving a positive complaints culture

People use legal services at the most significant moments in their lives. So if things go wrong and complaints arise, it’s essential they’re addressed swiftly and effectively by legal providers.

Complaints are also an invaluable resource – handled well, they have the potential to substantially improve standards of service and reputation. Better for customers, employees and business alike.

The Legal Ombudsman’s commitment to helping drive higher standards in legal services is reflected in the Office for Legal Complaint’s (OLC’s) new three-year strategy, published in April 2024. This sets out a vision that every complaint helps drive better legal services – with LeO sharing more of its insights and experience to support the sector to improve “first-tier” complaints handling.

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has today published its Requirements, Guidance and Policy Statement, aimed at bringing about a step-change in legal providers’ complaints handling. LeO welcomes the LSB’s framework for progressing this work with key stakeholders. We look forward to helping develop a new, positive culture around complaints in legal services, ensuring the opportunities they represent are fully realised.