Below you will find our overview of annual complaints data reports. Bringing our complaints data to life by offering insight into the main causes of complaints and how to avoid them, case studies are used throughout to show examples of decisions we have made. 

Overview of annual complaints data 2020/21

This report focuses on 2020/21 data. It highlights the areas where customer service needs to improve and where service providers can do more to resolve complaints themselves. It looks at each area of law and the specific issues within as well as case studies showing how we determine service and how we help consumers when things have gone wrong.  

To read the full report, click here. 

Overview of annual complaints data 2019/20

This report focuses on 2019/20 data and the main areas of law we receive complaints about and the most common issues we see, including case studies and useful resources for the profession. The report also offers some insight into how to address these issues.

You can view the report here.