Our factsheets are short and easy to understand, they provide an overview of the the relevant topic.
We have based them on our most frequently asked questions and may signpost you to some of our case studies.

Our commitment to you

This factsheet outlines our service principles, what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you

How we sort out problems with your service provider

This factsheet explains how we can help you with a complaint about your legal service provider.

Our approach to investigations

This factsheet tells you more about our approach to investigations here at the Legal Ombudsman

Investigating your complaint

This factsheet explains more about how we will investigate complaints about legal service providers.

When should I complain to my service provider?

This factsheet explains when you should tell your legal service provider that you are unhappy with their service.

Complaining about closed service providers

This factsheet explains how we look at complaints against legal service providers who are no longer open.

Stamp duty, consumer factsheet

This factsheet will give you a better understanding of the issues and potential risks around buying your new home.

If you are unhappy with the service we have provided

This factsheet explains what actions you can take if you're unhappy with the service you have received from us.

The transfer of CMC complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service

This factsheet explains more about the transfer of CMC complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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