Service Complaint Adjudicator: Report 2019-20

Service Complaint Adjudicator: Report 2019-20

A report is produced by our Service Complaint Adjudicator at the end of every financial year. This gives information about the types of complaints that have reached the final stage of our service complaint procedure and the actions we have taken to put things right for the future. We take complaints very seriously and want to ensure we put right anything that has gone wrong.

Our service complaint procedure has been put in place for anyone who is unhappy with the level of service we have provided. The procedure for handling complaints about our service is separate to the normal process for complaining about a lawyer or law firm.

The Service Complaint Adjudicator is appointed by our Board. The Adjudicator is unable to change the outcome of a case but will carry out his/her own independent review of our service.

The report for 2019-20 can be viewed here.

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