Scheme rules 2018

Scheme rules 2018

In February 2018, the Legal Ombudsman published minor linguistic changes to its Scheme Rules for a period of representations in compliance with Section 205 of the Legal Services Act 2007.

These changes were made in line with recommendations from the Language of Complaints research, published in November 2017. The period for representations ran for 4 weeks from 2 February to 2 March 2018.

More information is available in the full paper which can be viewed here.

Following our period for representations and consideration of feedback, the Legal Ombudsman published an updated version of minor linguistic changes to its Scheme Rules.

The proposed changes altered slightly after consideration of representations:

  • The change to the word ‘remedy’ in section 3.3(b) formerly proposed has now been discarded.
  • The names of several approved regulators who have changed their operating titles since the Scheme Rules were last revised have been updated.
  • Minor corrections of typographical errors have been made.

This revised version of our Scheme Rules was submitted to the Legal Services Board for approval as required by Section 155 of the Legal Services Act.

The updated version can be viewed here. This version was approved by the LSB on 22 March 2018.