Our framework

Our framework

The Legal Ombudsman was established by the Office for Legal Complaints (OLC). The OLC is accountable to Parliament through the Lord Chancellor and is sponsored by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). We also have a direct relationship with the Legal Services Board (LSB) which sets key performance targets for the service we provide. The relationship between the OLC, the MoJ and the LSB – and the financial relationship and accountabilities which exist between the MoJ and the OLC – is set out in the framework document, which provides the strategic framework for how the relationships with our partner organisations operate.

OLC Framework Document (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Code of Practice for members (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Operating framework (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Member expenses process (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Rules of procedure (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Schedule of matters reserved to the OLC (pdf – opens in new window)

OLC Scheme of delegations (pdf – opens in new window)