Draft Strategy and Budget 2015-17 published for consultation

Draft Strategy and Budget 2015-17 published for consultation

leo_bus_plan_2015_final_consultation_1The Legal Ombudsman has made significant progress since it was created just over four years ago. We are now a very much established part of the legal services landscape. We published our strategy for 2014-2017 in January 2014 following consultation with and feedback from our stakeholders. Having reviewed the external context and our progress over the past year we believe that, despite the need to continue to further improve our efficiency, the overall shape and direction of the strategy we set out last year remains broadly fit for purpose.

We do however, believe that it is sensible to take the opportunity to reframe years two and three of our strategy in the light of what we have learned from year one.

We propose that our continuing priorities should be:

  • To continue to improve our efficiency
  • To implement agreed changes to our jurisdiction
  • To help create an improved legal complaints handling system
  • To disseminate what we have learned more widely

Consultation on the draft Strategy and Budget closes on 23 February 2015.

Draft Strategy and Budget 2015-17 (pdf, opens in new window)