Discussion paper: Transparency and Reporting Impact

Discussion paper: Transparency and Reporting Impact

The Legal Ombudsman has been seeking views about the ways we could possibly improve the transparency of our work, and better report on the impact we have. We welcome contributions from all stakeholders in the legal services market (including consumers, lawyers and official bodies) as well as from those with experience of other sectors .

We have had a number of internal discussions about the different routes we could pursue, and are now looking to extend that conversation externally.

This discussion paper is intended to start a full, open public discussion of the options within it to decide which of these might be worth exploring in the future. Following this, we will look at potential approaches in further detail.

More information about the background to this and ways to respond can be found in the discussion paper.

The period for responses to this paper has now ended.

If you have any queries about this paper or the topic of transparency more widely, please email support@legalombudsman.org.uk.