Bring your complaint to us

Bring your complaint to us

1. Before we can help with your complaint, you will need to:

  • Already have complained to the legal service provider and allowed them up to eight weeks to provide a full response. We will need copies of your complaint and the response. If you have not yet complained to your service provider, then you can use this helpful template as a guide and read these factsheets; factsheet1 and factsheet2.
  • Know the date on which the problem occurred, and the dates that you made the complaint.
  • Provide us with your contact information including an email address, if you have one.
Useful documents

2. Complete our complaint form

Answer the questions to see if we are the right organisation to help you. If it looks like we can help you we will ask you to complete our online complaint form

You will need to provide documents and personal information. If you do not want to complete the online form, you can also download it and send by email.

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