What is poor service?

What is poor service?

The types of poor service that you can ask us to investigate are varied, and might include problems such as your service provider not:

  • giving any information about their costs, or not updating the information as time goes on;
  • doing the work in the timescale it should have been done;
  • advising you about something important;
  • following the instructions to which they have agreed;
  • keeping personal or legal documents safe;
  • processing your complaint;
  • keeping you informed about the progress of the work they are doing;
  • releasing documents to you; or
  • replying to your questions or phone calls, repeatedly.

They can also include problems such as your service provider:

  • breaching their confidentiality agreement; or
  • being involved in criminal activity.

We will look at the evidence provided by both you and your service provider to make an independent decision about whether the service was poor or whether you received a reasonable service.