Summary 9

Summary 9

Area of law: Family law

Complaint reason(s): Failure to reply, failure to progress, delay

Remedy: To pay £400 compensation

Outcome: Ombudsman’s decision accepted by complainant

Mr D instructed the law firm to assist him in gaining fair contact with his daughters from a previous relationship. After being unable to reach an amicable agreement Mr D and his lawyer agreed to attempt mediation and possibly court proceedings.

Mr D attended the firm’s offices on three separate occasions in order to complete legal aid applications. He was told that the applications were returned and that he needed to submit further information, which was provided. Eventually, Mr D contacted the Legal Services Commission, who told him that they had not received any application. He complained to the firm, who failed to respond.

When we investigated we found that the firm had provided a poor service by failing to submit legal aid applications, while pretending to Mr D that they had. The ombudsman ordered the firm to pay him £400 compensation. Mr D accepted the decision.