Summary 6

Summary 6

Area of law: Wills and probate
Complaint reason(s): Costs excessive, costs information deficient
Remedy: No remedy
Outcome: Ombudsman’s decision rejected by complainant

Mr H’s brother sadly passed away and so he needed to instruct a solicitor to deal with the estate. Because Mr H and his siblings couldn’t agree on a solicitor, the court appointed one for them.

The siblings contested the will and costs soon rocketed. Mr H felt that the firm had taken advantage of the situation and allowed the costs to spiral out of control. Mr H felt the firm also caused unnecessary delays in reaching a settlement of the estate.

Following our investigation, we found that the firm had provided regular updates to each of the beneficiaries in relation to costs. As the estate was very complex, we could not see any evidence that the firm had caused unnecessary delays. The costs were extremely high but this was explained by the fact that the siblings had contested the will.

>As such, we did not find that there had been any poor service from the firm and did not feel that any remedy was due to Mr H.