Summary 3

Summary 3

Area of law: Residential conveyancing

Complaint reason(s): Failure to follow instructions; potential misconduct

Remedy: Refund of £1,974.00 paid plus £200 compensation

Outcome: Ombudsman’s decision accepted by the complainant

After Mr N sold his house, the estate agent got in touch to tell him that their fees hadn’t been paid. Mr N was a bit confused by this as he’d received a statement on completion from his solicitor that said that the fees had been deducted from the proceeds of sale.

Mr N raised his concerns with the firm and then came to us when he hadn’t had a response. He told us he would like a refund of the £1,974.00 which was deducted by the firm so that he could pay the estate agent.

Our Ombudsman agreed that the firm hadn’t paid the fees, despite saying they had. The Ombudsman awarded the refund, as well as a compensatory payment of £200 for the upset and the inconvenience caused.