Summary 2

Summary 2

Area of law: Personal injury

Complaint reason(s): Delay, failure to progress

Remedy: No remedy

Outcome: Ombudsman’s decision rejected by complainant

Miss U had a car accident and she went to the firm to claim compensation for her injuries. The firm carried obtained medical reports, which said she should recover within a year.

Miss U was then, unluckily, involved in a second accident, and went to the firm about this matter as well. The firm had arranged for her to have an MRI scan for her first claim so they didn’t feel it was necessary to carry out any further medical reports on the second claim.

When the MRI report was received, it suggested Miss U had made a good recovery. She said she hadn’t and was still feeling the effects of the accidents. The other side made an offer of £2,000 to settle the first claim, but Miss U was not happy with this, feeling that she was owed more. Miss U asked for another medical report, and the other side made a final offer for £4,000. Miss U wrote to the firm to say that she was unhappy with the offer and the level of medical care she had received, but agreed to the settlement. She also reached a settlement on her second claim.

Miss U complained that the firm had caused delays by not responding to her calls, and the case handler had changed twice.

Following our investigation we felt that the firm had acted reasonably, and could not see evidence of any unnecessary delays caused to Miss U’s case. We also felt the firm had provided a reasonable amount of medical care to Miss U, and had obtained enough medical reports to help her case. We therefore decided that no remedy was owed to Miss U.