Summary 16

Summary 16

Area of law: Wills (drafting)

Complaint reason(s): Failure to follow instructions

Remedy: No remedy

Outcome: Ombudsman decision rejected by complainant

Miss Q instructed the firm to draft and write her new will.

Miss Q complained because the final will’s layout was different from the draft that she had approved. She also complained that the address of one of her beneficiaries (an animal welfare charity) was incorrect. Miss Q wanted compensation to the full value of the firm’s indemnity insurance.

The investigation found that there was nothing wrong with the will. The firm had explained to her that the differences in the appearance of the will were mostly aesthetic. The address of the charity was for their main office (which is where donations are processed) and not the local branch. We found that the firm had explained this to Miss Q and that the main office’s address had appeared in the draft, which Miss Q had approved. Therefore our view was that the firm had provided a reasonable service. The ombudsman agreed and decided that no remedy was required. Miss Q rejected this decision.