Summary 10

Summary 10

Area of law: Family law

Complaint reason(s): Costs information deficient

Remedy: No remedy required

Outcome: Ombudsman decision rejected by complainant

Mr B approached the firm for advice in a child contact dispute. He paid them £500 on account, plus £100 for the initial appointment. The firm agreed to write to his ex-partner and advise him on his position. The firm provided him with a client care letter, which Mr B accepted.

The firm went to work and, in due course, sent Mr B a bill. Mr B complained. He said that they’d charged six minutes’ worth of time for reading short emails and charged for insurance that he felt should have been taken out of the £500. Mr B wanted a full refund. The firm denied doing anything wrong.

When we investigated, we found that the firm had sent Mr B their terms of business at the outset. If he didn’t want to pay, he shouldn’t have accepted them. The ombudsman decided that the firm hadn’t provided Mr B with poor service and decided that no remedy was required. Mr B rejected the decision.