Summary 1

Summary 1

Area of law: Wills and probate

Complaint reason(s): Failure to progress

Remedy: £200 compensation for distress and inconvenience caused

Outcome: Ombudsman’s decision accepted by the complainant

Mr G was unhappy with how the law firm he’d employed had dealt with his father’s will following his death. He’d already complained to the Legal Complaints Service about the poor service, but the firm hadn’t complied with their agreed remedy back in 2009. The firm closed in 2010 and Mr G’s father’s case had still not been resolved. Mr G couldn’t get hold of the case file as it had been archived incorrectly.

We managed to recover the file and get it to Mr G. Our investigation found that the firm hadn’t completed the administration of his father’s estate, which meant that Mr G had to transfer the shares involved himself – something the firm should have done. The issue he’d reported to the former complaint handling body was out of our time limits, so we couldn’t do anything about that. But we were satisfied that the firm had provided poor service.

The Ombudsman decided that the firm should pay Mr G £200 for the distress and inconvenience caused.