LeO is five years old this month

LeO is five years old this month
Employees, who joined LeO when we opened for business in 2010, pose outside the LeO offices

Employees, who joined LeO when we opened for business in 2010, pose outside the LeO offices

The Legal Ombudsman celebrates five years of operation this month, and what better way than to share feedback from our customers?

Since October 2010 we have helped thousands of legal service users with disputes between them and their service provider. Each year we resolve more than 7,000 complaints; often putting customers who have suffered detriment back into the position they would have been had they not received poor service.

We believe in a just and fair service for all. As a result, we always seek a fair resolution in every case, acting impartially, cutting through complexity and analysing the facts to resolve disputes. Throughout the complaints process we understand that behind each case is a person trying to resolve an issue. That’s why we provide timely, evidence based information to ensure complainants and providers accept and understand our final decision, even if they do not agree with it.

Many of our customers, both service providers and complainants, believe we’ve lived up to these principles. Each day this week we’ll publish some of the verbatim feedback we’ve received. And we’ve summarised the highlights below:

Fair resolutions

“I believe the decision was unbiased and fair based on evidence.”

“The outcome was fair to the client and us. The investigator made efforts to facilitate this.”

“It was a fair outcome, although not exactly what I would have hoped for.”

Acting impartially

“They weren’t judgmental. They listened to all the facts.”

“The investigator took a true and impartial approach to reviewing the evidence.”

“I felt the service was impartial and made sure they gathered all the info to get the right outcome.”

Cutting through complexity

“Everyone went out their way to help. They did what they said they would do.”

“I thought they were very efficient.”

Evidence based decisions

“Kept us informed and listened.”

“I felt I was speaking to somebody who was listening to me.”

“I did not have a very good outcome, but the investigator was superb. Please get in touch with the Legal Ombudsman, they are in a class of their own.”

Analysing the facts

“Quietly efficient and attentive to detail.”

“Professional and moved things forward with each communication.”