Legal service user profile data published

Legal service user profile data published

A “typical” legal service user loves Strictly Come Dancing, reading about food and travel, and browsing the net. They’re also married, in their later years of life, and financially stable. That’s according to the findings of a YouGov study commissioned by our scheme.

We commissioned the study, which used the YouGov Profiles tool, to profile a large sample of more than 32,000 people who have used a legal service in the last two years. This helped us to better understand legal service users and, more specifically, to help us raise awareness of our services effectively and in an efficient, targeted way.

We’re sharing our findings as part of our commitment to disseminate our learnings more widely. The full report looks at the media consumption habits of service users including TV channels watched, magazines and newspapers read, and attitudes towards media.

Interim Chief Ombudsman, Kathryn King, said: “While the majority of legal service providers signpost to our service effectively, there are still some who do not tell their customers that if they have a complaint they cannot resolve, they have a right to redress through the Legal Ombudsman scheme.

“We have already started using the findings of our research to inform our outreach strategy, to make sure that people are aware of the service that the Legal Ombudsman provides.”

The report shows that the majority of service users are financially sound and in a relationship. Two thirds of service users are classed as ABC1 – middle to upper class – with a gross professional income of £35,000 a year or more. And 65% are either married or living with a partner. 6% are divorced or widowed.

In terms of media consumption, TV is the favoured source of news, followed by the press and radio. Two thirds watch news, dramas and documentaries for entertainment – with Strictly Come Dancing, Coronation Street and Britain’s Got Talent among some of the favourite shows. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, TV adverts also grab people’s attention more effectively than those on radio or in the press.

When it comes to magazines; food and cooking, lifestyle, gardening, and travel are the top areas of interest. Legal service users are more likely to read the Daily Mail, the Times and the Telegraph; while younger users prefer the Sun and the Star.

Half of legal service users visit Facebook every day making it easily the most widely used social channel. And of those on Twitter, many are big fans of Stephen Fry, the Queen and Jonathan Ross.

Although the findings appear to depict a fairly reliable profile of a conservative, financially stable service user; this is not universally the case: almost 1 in 10 of those surveyed earn less than £25,000 a year. A third of respondents were classed as C2DE – working class or unemployed. And over a third were not working or are studying. Read the full report here.