Legal Ombudsman proposes minor changes to Scheme Rules

Legal Ombudsman proposes minor changes to Scheme Rules

2 February, 2018

Today, the Legal Ombudsman is publishing minor linguistic changes to its Scheme Rules for a period of representations, in compliance with Section 205 of the Legal Services Act 2007.

These changes are not substantive. They are made in line with recommendations from the Language of Complaints research, published in November 2017.

The period for representations will run for 4 weeks from 2 February to 2 March. The Legal Ombudsman will consider all responses to proposed changes and welcomes the support of stakeholders to ensure that it does not lose the meaning of the rules in any language changes.

Please note that responses should relate only to the changes cited in the paper. Wider consideration on the content of our Scheme Rules is not included in this current period of representations.

More information and a copy of our response can be viewed here.