Learning from complaints

Learning from complaints:

Case study publication – March 2016

Welcome to the first in a series of new online case study publications. The Legal Ombudsman’s role is two-fold: to investigate complaints about the service people have received from their legal service provider; and to feedback to the profession on any trends or issues we see in our role as the complaint handling body for the legal sector.

Since the Legal Ombudsman started accepting complaints, back in October 2010, complaint trends have remained fairly steady. For instance, complaints about costs, communication issues, and delays are usually the top issues that consumers complain to us about. You can also download a pdf version of the publication here.


Lessons learned from the
case studies

In this publication we have included a range of cases for you to look at. Here are some of the trends we have seen in these case studies.



You can find data about the complaints we investigate on our website but here are some key points to recap. All data is for year 2014/15.


Video case study 1