Key performance indicators 2020 - 2021

We use a set of key performance indicators (KPI's) to measure and demonstrate how effectively we are working. This information is reviewed on a regular basis and allows us to monitor the quality of service we provide to all our customers.

Our data is published on a quarterly basis and covers the following areas:

  • Our Customers 
  • Our People 
  • Our Impact
  • Our Governance

Use the links below to see the performance data.

Understanding the data

If you would like to understand our performance in greater detail you can read the performance reports prepared for the OLC board meetings. These provide analysis of performance and further data. Click to read the OLC board papers.

Two areas of our work which are closely followed are:

  • The number of people who are waiting for a case to begin, and
  • The total length of time it takes for a case to finish, from the first point someone contacts us to the final outcome of a case - we call this the customer journey.

At the moment we know that too many people are waiting and because of this the customer journey is too long. This has been the case for some time and unfortunately it has got worse because of Covid-19. The number of people who would like to make a complaint has stayed the same, but the level of resources to investigate complaints has decreased. Improving the customer journey is a key priority for us but it will take some time. In the meantime we are making sure that service providers receive an early letter about the complaint (so they have the opportunity to see if they can go back and resolve the complaint) and we're keeping people up to date with how long the wait it.

Our Customers

We aim to help both consumers and service providers resolve their complaints quickly and fairly, achieving the right outcome based on the facts, and ensure that we explain the process and decisions in a way that everyone can understand. 

We look at how well we are delivering the service to customers by measuring: 

  • The number of people waiting for a case to begin,
  • How long it takes us to make decisions on a case,
  • If the outcome of the investigation process was reasonable, and
  • Satisfaction with our service.

You can find this information below.

Volume of cases awaiting assessment
Customer Journey Time
Quality – Reasonable Outcome
Customer Satisfaction

Our People

We are committed to ensuring that the Legal Ombudsman offers an attractive package to all our employees. This includes flexible working, staff development and a focus on wellbeing.

Annual rolling turnover rate

Our Impact

An important part of our work is using our experience from resolving complaints to help service providers improve their service and complaints handling. We measure how well we are doing this by asking service providers and other stakeholders in the sector what they think of our training and guidance. 

Useful and relevant training resources
Stakeholder Satisfaction

Our Governance

Our unit cost is the total running costs divided by the number of closed cases. These are rolling figures which are updated during the year.

This year we are looking at a other ways to measure the value of our work, so that we have a better understanding of the impact of different areas of all our work from providing advice and support to those just beginning the complaints process, investigating complaints and training and guidance for the legal sector. 


Unit Cost