We have created some consumer factsheets to support customers who may need to understand more about personal injury processes; these cover areas such as funding, use of evidence, going to trial, insurance options and other things to consider.

The personal injury claim and process

This factsheet outlines what to consider if you want to make a personal injury claim and what your lawyer should cover with you.

Funding a claim

This factsheet explores the most common funding options available when you make a claim and what to consider. 

Use of evidence

This factsheet explains the steps the lawyer will take to establish liability and causation and what evidence will be taken into account. 


This factsheet provides information on what you can expect if your claim has to be referred to court for a judge to decide. 


This factsheet explores the insurance products available to cover a potentially unsuccessful claim. 

Things to consider

This factsheet answers some commonly asked questions when considering making a personal injury claim. 

Personal injury factsheet

This factsheet has all of the above information in one place.