We know that using a legal service provider can sometimes be daunting.

You might not be sure what questions to ask or whether you're getting a standard of service that is reasonable.

Our guides share our experience of investigating complaints and some of the top questions that people should ask or consider.

image of a woman smiling whilst seated

image of a woman smiling whilst seated


Using a conveyancing lawyer: 10 top tips

This guidance looks at the top 10 tips when using a service provider for conveyancing. However the information can be broadly applied to other legal service providers too.

Using a divorce lawyer: 10 top tips

This report looks at divorce related legal complaints and their causes.

Using a lawyer as you get older: 10 top tips

This guidance is useful for anyone who is considering using a lawyer but it may be particularly useful for people who have particular needs because of their age.

Stamp duty - for consumers

This resource will give you a better understanding of the issues and potential risks around buying your new home.

On the move - A guide for first time buyers

This guide, which is useful for anyone purchasing a property, considers what to think about and look for when using a conveyancing lawyer.

Consumer factsheets

Our factsheets provide an overview of the the relevant topic. We have based them on our most frequently asked questions and case studies.

An ombudsman's view of good costs services

This guide is intended to give service providers an overview of good practice in sharing costs information. Consumers may find it useful to understand the type of information they should receive.

Ombudsman decision data

We publish final decisions made by our ombudsmen. The data is for the last 12 months and is updated on a quarterly basis.

Personal injury complaints 

We have created some consumer factsheets to support customers who may need to understand more about personal injury processes; these cover areas such as funding, use of evidence, going to trial, insurance options and other things to consider.