When will you begin investigating my complaint?

When will you begin investigating my complaint?

Our general enquiries team (GET) are the first point of contact, and will do some initial work to help ensure the complaint is a matter we can investigate and that an appropriate complaint has been made to the legal service provider. We may need to ask you for further information in order to complete our assessment of whether we can investigate your complaint. Our current data shows that on average we begin investigations within two to three months.

When we start our investigation, your investigator will discuss your case with you and tell you what to expect. The timescales will depend on how complex the complaint is, and whether we can agree an outcome by talking to you and your service provider.

Our General Enquiries Team are happy to update you about your complaint.


How long will the investigation take?

Our current data shows that we complete the majority of our investigations in 3-6 months. Straightforward cases can be resolved more quickly. More complex cases, which need specialist input or support, can take up to 12 months.

A historical backlog has affected a small minority of cases where people have experienced an unusually long wait for investigation. People in this group receive regular updates on timescales for their individual cases from our team.


How long will I wait if I need an Ombudsman’s Final Decision?

You may need an ombudsman to provide a final written decision on your case if it is not possible to agree an outcome between you and your legal service provider.

This is the final stage of the process after investigation. Most of these decisions are completed quickly, however a small number of complex cases may take longer and specific information is given in these cases.