After serious consideration, our Board made a commitment to publish data about our ombudsman decisions in two ways. You can read more about the comprehensive consultation exercise and the policy decision made here (pdf, opens in new window).

On these pages, you'll find:

  • decision data about all the cases where there has been an ombudsman decision since April 2012;
  • detailed reports of cases where it’s in the public interest to name a lawyer or law firm;
  • frequently asked questions about what we’re publishing and why;
  • anonymous case summaries, which give a little more detail on the decisions our ombudsmen make; and
  • data and statistics, a numerical breakdown of the cases we resolved between April 2011 and March 2012.

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Ombudsman decision data
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This area displays details of lawyers and law firms that have received an ombudsman's decision since April 2012 in alphabetical order. The table shows the total number of cases resolved by an ombudsman's decision for each lawyer or law firm. It also shows the number of cases where an ombudsman decided that a remedy was needed. The table will be updated every three months.

To help you understand what the information shown means, the page also includes a detailed explanation about what each of the fields show. Click here to view the ombudsman decision data.

You'll also find additional information on our frequently asked questions page.

Detailed reports
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Where there has been a pattern of complaints, or a set of individual circumstances that indicate it is in the public interest that the law firm or lawyer should be named, we will publish that information, giving full details about the case that has been brought to us. These cases will be found on our detailed reports page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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You'll find a range of questions about the information we publish, including more detailed information about our table headings, complaint types, and the context of our data on our FAQs page.
Case summaries
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Our anonymous case studies summaries give you a flavour of the range of issues we deal with, what our investigations found, and how our decisions are reached. Click here to read them.
Data and statistics
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This is where you'll find details of additional data and statistics collected by the Legal Ombudsman. This includes information on the types of complaints we receive and the areas of law they cover. Please note that this data is from the Legal Ombudsman's records only. To find out more about lawyers or firms, you will need to approach them directly or contact the relevant approved regulator. Click here to see our current data.