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Welcome to the second issue of LeO News. In this issue, we’ll look at all the changes in our world: the triennial review, our Scheme Rules revision, publishing data on ombudsman’s decisions and last but certainly not least the announcement that we’re taking over complaints about claims management companies next year.

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On Board:
Triennial Review — why us, why now and what next?
When the Legal Services Act was going through Parliament it was agreed that the Legal Services Board and the Office for Legal Complaints would be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice after three years. Read more>
photo of our Chief Ombudsman, Adam Sampson.

Sampson says...
The latest from our Chief Ombudsman
One of the things you learn as a chief executive is the importance of planning. It's all very well having a list of things that you intend the organisation to do in your head. Vision is the easy part. The hard bit is getting that list written down in a way so that everyone understands what they're expected to do and when they're expected to do it. Read more >
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Take Two
In each issue, we invite two contributors from different sides of the debate to comment on the issues that are relevant to all of us. This time, we've asked Elliott Vigar of the Law Society and Erica Jobson of Which? to set out their views on extending our jurisdiction to claims management companies. Read more >
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Knowledge update
Here at LeO we define knowledge as the information and skills that allow us to do our job, to investigate and resolve complaints about lawyers. And we take our knowledge seriously... Read more >
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Equality matters
This issue, we have an update on the community engagement work we reported on last time as well as news of our reasonable adjustment policy and a pilot scheme for face-to-face meetings. Read more >
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Over to you
For this issue we asked Andrew Hopper QC, a member of our Stakeholder Advisory Panel, for his views on our policy to publish details about all the cases resolved by an ombudsman's decision. Read more >

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In response: our current consultations
Consultations are a good way of sharing best practice and evidence between organisations to inform policy decisions. Read more >

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Stats and Facts and Research Roundup
See how we've performed against our targets and learn more about the research we're conducting to help us work smarter. Read more >

And finally... Thank you for taking the time to read this issue of LeO News. It's important to us that we keep you abreast of what's happening in our world and that you have the opportunity to give us your feedback. But it's equally important that consumers who need us know where to find us. If you could help us to make sure we're able to reach more of those consumers, please get in touch through our email address, leo.news@legalombudsman.org.uk. Look out for the next issue of LeO News around Christmas.