Summary 13

Summary 13

Area of law: Wills and probate

Complaint reason(s): Other (failure to accurately record a meeting)

Remedy: None

Outcome: Ombudsman decision rejected by complainant

When Ms X and Ms Z’s father passed away, the firm dealt with his estate. Some years later, Ms X and Ms X received a copy of the file and raised various complaints about its contents Many of Ms X and Ms Z’s complaints had already been looked into by our predecessor body, the Legal Complaints Service, so we agreed to accept just one complaint that had not previously been investigated.

The complaint was about a note made by the firm, which recorded the details of a meeting held with Ms X. She didn’t think that the note covered all of the issues that were discussed during the meeting.

We said that the purpose of an attendance note is to outline the key discussion points and is not intended to be a full transcript of the meeting. We also said that attendance notes are made for the benefit of the firm, not the client. The ombudsman therefore decided that the firm had acted reasonably and that no remedy was due to Ms X and Ms Z. They rejected the ombudsman’s decision.